what did the slowpoke family do to deserve this

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OOC: Im a little late , but i make a drawing each year ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Thank you for still following this blog after all this time. Ha ha, three years runnign an OC blog is a lot of time .  Im thinking in doing a  tiny giveaway on a separated post this weekend as a little thank you. Excuse any typo its really late and i cant see pff—

" good things come to those who wait "

 The shellder eventually ends up eating the slowpoke?   [ Slowbro Version of Venila ]


R.i.p. Slowbro

Just kidding I love its mega


"….ppff—"  -dont laugh-


Oh Snap—-  The blog turned 3 Years on August 8..   [ I thought it was on on the 18 ;7 ; ]  aaahh- Its the first time i got the date wrong . Ill draw something nice tomorrow.!