OOC: Its been almost 5 days since i contacted the giveaway winner and still no reply from her.  Ill wait another day more ;v ;  If i dont get a reply im afraid ill have to pick another winner.

OOC:  I placed all participants on a list then on to https://www.sortea2.com/sorteos  ( site picks out a random name from a list, randomizer was not working well for me)   Congratulations Vellia!   I already send a note with into about the prize!

Thanks everybody for participating :>


Giveaway ended! Whops- I was gonna post the winner yesterday, but i had to redo the raffle thingy cause a couple of people reblogged it on the last minute and i wanted to add them too :´>  sorry about the delay! .

Anonymous sent: Time to tell us about your blog! ☆ How old is it? ☆ 5 Things you like about it ☆ 5 Things you dislike about it ☆ Things you have learned from your blog? ☆ What would you do if it was deleted by accident? ☆ Do you see yourself running this blog next year? ☆ Something you would like your followers to know about your blog?

image☆ How old is it?  3 years and a month.

image☆ 5 Things you like about it  umm..

1. I like my character so i have a lot of fun working on her . 2. Sometimes i get fun asks and challenges  3. I like seeing other characters, and knowing more about them. Theres a couple them that are very dear for me u 7 u ~  4. I was able to meet really amazing people who also have character blogs. 5. Doodling helps me relax a lot ;v ; its a good cure for daily life stress.

image☆ 5 Things you dislike about it  em..

1. Art blocks? I sometimes have this idea but.. i just cant draw it as im picturing in my head. 2. No organization : i mess up my queues, my posts have bad tags, profile info and others not being updated, Tons of wips unfinished, etc etc.. 3. Updating layout: aaahh thattt- I always end up messing something up, and as much as i wnna have a new layout every couple of months i cant cause i always mess up.  4. Interacting can be hard? I mean i like rping and all but sometimes i just forget how to? ;7 ;  5. Sad Memories? I dont think i can even describe this one, but some asks replies or drawings remind me of sad things, people that are not longer there, old friends .. Its not really a bad thing, but …awww IDK. ;v ;

image☆ Things you have learned from your blog?  Well, characters come and go? What started as a fun hobby sometimes turns into something bad? Thats a thing that ive always noticed, when checking some of the people i follow with my blog.  New blogs (characters and mods) starting their blogs really optimistic but end up with lots of frustration and other negative things  ;v ; 

image☆ What would you do if it was deleted by accident?  ..proably cry a lot. There are my drawings here i no longer have with me, since my laptop was stolen over a year ago ;v ;

image☆ Do you see yourself running this blog next year? Yes orobably. I sometimes get really busy but its really fun to come back and doodle venila

image☆ Something you would like your followers to know about your blog?  I love this blog ;v; it sometimes helps me out whe im having a bad day? I dunno if i can explain it, i like to draw and doodle whenever im feelin bad or sad, and keep tons of drawings here. Also i like to look back at my old drawings and be all ” man i used to draw so weird back then” and it makes me feel a little better to know im slowly improving or getting better at something.


Progress thing of an Icon I made .  [ omg, tumbl why did you resized it .. ]

A friend asked me if i could post another pixel example? *click the awful zoom to see actual size*    Skarmory gijinka belongs to a Alix . Im on my phone at the moment so ill reblog this from my main tumblr. Ill delete it as soon as i get home ]]

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  I wanted colorfull gifs, i think??—- Anyway Thank you guys! The blog turned 3 years this month and its thanks to asks, interactions, artwork trades that its been so much fun to run this blog. [ -cough- I know ive been a little inactive these days but thats due to irl and other proyects ]  But i still wanted to do a little something.

To participate:

- Reblog this post.

- Dont need to be a follower. [ I didnt get much participants the first time i made a giveaway so yeah everybody can participate ]

- Winner will get a pixel icon of his/her character. So please make sure to have a reference of said character. English is not my first languaje so describing the character for me to guess how it looks like might not work well.


The size of the icon will depend on the character? Wings? Animal ears? Idk.. Its not animated, but you can still use it as icon, cursor, to decorate your blog.. idk. I can also include a zoom version. ● If i dont get a reply from the winner i might end up choosing someone else. So check your inbox! ●  I cant draw nsfw, or complicated animals (it depends on how complicated?). Pokemon, Gijinkas or human like characters are fine.

Giveaway will end in 2 weeks [ Might extend it if i dont get much participants ;v ; ] Good Luck!

Its been two weeks! But ill announce the winner by Friday . Reblogging again in case if anyone still wants to participate-  ]]

[ Forgot to mention: i save each thing as a .png or .gif, depending on file ]


[o<>o] - Tony McCoy