quiescentsimplicity said: I heard it’s actually a virus! You can block it under settings > apps or something OTL

aaah Thank you!  I was checking on my phone and another one of those adds gots posted and i didnt even notice ;7 ;  I went to my settings and i think i fixed it [ removed the add app ]

[ It seems my account has been posting some.. ” Find out who visits your blog ” adds?  ..Wha??  Its probably a bug or something, but yeah THATS NOT ME,  ill check whats up with that …

But yeah DONT CLICK THOSE, Ive seen those around tumblr with some of my friends, if you click them your account will be advertising them hours later or something]


Ahhhh, the stars are so romantic at night~


Excuse the ooc.

RP Blogs that take fanarts from people of Deviantart and Pixiv to pretend its ” their characters” without permittion from the author or proper credit… AND claim its ” their icons/faceclaims/works” cause they took a couple of minutes to edit them remove the authors signatures and urls on photostop.  .. ha ha Nope.

Im sorry but i am not gonna follow you back. I think those sort of blogs are incredibly disrespecful to the authors.  Those who know me from my main blog know ive had trouble with art thieves before so i got my reasons (last year a character from the same rp group im at, was stolen and was gaven a new name and personality without the author even knowing, rped as some sort of shamelesspartygirl…OTL) . Having a complete stranger edit your drawing and claim your character/fanart as his/hers its just awful.

[ Personal Opinion] And its kinda sad when my friends or blogs i follow, signal boost or promote these sort of blogs without actually checking said blogs dont have permittion at all to use those works.  <:I  Its ok to have fun rping and all.. but not if youre gonna mutilate someones elses work, and to be honest it takes a couple of minutes to contact the author or write proper sources/credit.

I heard Steevi is doing well.. She found a job as a PoliceWoman ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I miss her tons.  [ Parody of This ]



Say hello to my Cloyster, Geirdriful.


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Shellder and Cloyster


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