[ Ah, im sorry i only now a bit about homestuck, so im not sure how to have her react to one of those ]

MOD:  Please excuse the lack of activity  (i got some new asks but i havent replied to the ones from 2 weeks ago)  i had to redo a whole proyect so most of the time when i go online i start doing other things awjejwawga.

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- Worried about her fellow leaders  -  [ Related to the groups Event ]


[[ …omg-  I cant even hold the pen with my right hand *sobbing*  Template ]]

[ bringing this back after i talk people into drawing with their other hand]]


[[ I had a Tegaki account since last year but forgot about it awhfhhwaw Hikka asked for my number so i thought about using it again ]]

[ Its a new year ~ Time to reblog again ]